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Incorporating CBD into your weight loss and fitness plan

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Strength training is one of the most popular forms of physical training right now. It has taken gyms by storm and is no longer exclusive to body builders. Gyms are adding in olympic lifting mats, weight lifting for women has become one of the most popular exercises to get a bigger booty or just get more lean. Instagram has blown up with “fitspo” lifters and hundreds of followers trying to get more fit, toned and lead a healthier lifestyle. For me strength training is cathartic, just as it is for many people, and I use it as a way to destress and live a healthier lifestyle. I got into strength training because it made me feel strong in a time when I didn’t inside and outside and I also hated cardio. Lifting became a place for myself where I could feel strong and be brave. I also did it because I wanted to lose weight and reshape my body.

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What Strength Training Does To The Body

When you’re strength training you are actively engaging your muscles by using resistance. This resistance causes microtears in the muscle and by doing this the body then repairs the muscle and it makes the muscle more adaptable to what caused the damage. This process is called hypertrophy. When you are eating optimally and workout the correct amount for your body you will build muscle naturally and also lose body fat. Building muscle is also a fundamental to weight loss, so don’t be worried if you’re not trying to bulk up, strength training doesn’t simply have to do that. You can build muscle, lose body fat and not become the hulk. According to Jacque Crockford, spokesperson for the American Council of Exercise, "Lifting heavy weights is a great way to get the shape of the body that you may be seeking."

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

CBD for Gaining Muscle

I have found that CBD is a great addition to my personal training. According to Wendy Lynch at Body Spartan, CBD is “the next big thing in fitness and body building.” CBD has many incredible benefits that can help you with your fitness journey. When you’re strength training you want your body to be in an anabolic state, which helps with gaining and keeping lean muscle mass. When your body is in a catabolic state it is focused on burning calories and actually decreases muscle mass you get by strength training via the hormones the body is releasing when working in this state for a longer period of time(for example, running is a catabolic exercise). This is why cardio becomes less of a focus when strength training because it derives a different set of results when focused on. CBD actually helps lower these catabolic hormones, helping your body retain the muscle you’ve been building.

CBD and the Mind Muscle Connection

When you’re going into your workout many people like to use products that will help you focus and engage the mind muscle connection(MMC) so you can better focus on targeted body areas when lifting. This is said to help build those stubborn muscle groups you may be having a hard time with. The first time I experienced this was when I tested out CBD during one of my workouts, I was able to really concentrate on the muscle I was targeting in a way I hadn’t before. Although I was introduced to the idea of MMC before, my first experience was when I tried CBD. CBD helps focusing and concentration so it makes sense that it would help better your MMC during a workout and really help you get the most out of your time at the gym.

Post Workout Repair

After your workout and begin leaving the gym you’re probably starting to get sore. This is from those microtears in the muscle trying to repair and begin strengthening the tissue. This increases inflammation in the body naturally because your body is now repairing the damage to your tissue to help make it stronger. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties, making it an easy go-to post workout to help you recover and get back in faster. When you’re sore I recommend using a salve to spot treat the muscle area in conjunction with a tincture for internal inflammation.

CBD is a great addition to your strength training workout. It is a multi-use product, eliminating also spending lots of money on various products, CBD does it all in one or two products. You can gain better focus, concentration and a mind muscle connection with CBD. It also helps repair the body after you lift, helping with recovery so you can get back to what you do best sooner and feeling better. And of course, it helps you keep the muscle you’ve been building in the gym. I recommend using CBD tincture before you workout and using a salve post-workout on the specific areas you were targeting to help soothe the sore muscles.

Let us know what you think about CBD for strength training and if it helped boost your fitness regimen.

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AUTHOR: Misa Smith




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