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Coffee and CBD: A new trend on the rise?

Fancy a cuppa? Perhaps put a little CBD in there to compliment that caffeine we all long for upon awakening. The newest trend is starting to take coffee shops and the like by storm. But is it really necessary? Or could this just be a new way to earn some style points?

Last week I found myself pondering about it and I decided to do a little research. To no surprise, I found a lot of mixed reviews. One author wrote an article in particular and was not so keen on the idea -- if the title of his article doesn't make it obvious enough, he goes on about how we should just let coffee stick to being coffee and essentially combining the two can leave you feeling a little odd, and even sleepy. I don't experience the sleepy or drowsy effect too often with CBD. In fact, it gives me more energy and heightens my daily productivity. It's only with heavy THC/Indicas that I would really ever experience drowsiness --which I assume is the same with most of you.

So I decided to set out on my own and try this trend for myself. Luckily, living in Portland, there is a plethora of options as far as coffee shops go. It couldn't get any more simple as I googled "coffee and cbd" and came across a shop quite close to me. So I hopped my bike and rode a few blocks down to La Luna Cafe right here in Northeast Portland (which is also a cool little cafe you should check out if you have a shot one morning).

The Barista adding the sweet CBD nectar to my Latte (La Luna Cafe, Joe Ciolino)

When it comes to my morning beverage choice, I'm pretty basic and go with my routine iced coffee, but the barista convinced me to try a latte -- and for a few more bucks, she tossed in the "CBD extract". Right away the first thing I noticed was the texture. I could feel the extract on my lips with every sip -- so I suggest a straw if you're not about that life.

But here's the main kick: It didn't make me sleepy, it didn't counteract the caffeine of the coffee for me. In fact, I would say it gave me about the same feeling as a normal cup of coffee does. Except one factor: I'd probably only need one cup if I was just drinking it normally (without the extract), as opposed to some, who easily go through 2, 3 or 4 cups of coffee in the morning.

I will admit that after my visit, I hopped on my bike again and had a spike of energy; as if I felt the urge to ride up and down Tilikum Crossing a few times and then jump in the river and go for a swim (No, I didn't, I just rode home to finish this blog). Could it have been the CBD added in that caused the spike? Maybe. Or maybe it was just the caffeine.

Cost me $3.50 for the extract (Via La Luna Cafe, Joe Ciolino)

Bridge-riding and river-swimming aside, why should we spend the extra cash on adding CBD? Well. According to some, you would be doubling up on health benefits by including it with your coffee. Herb Approach gives us three reasons why we should start pairing the two:

  1. CBD helps with anxiety. Ever drink a little too much coffee that it leaves you a bit shaky and anxious? Adding in CBD could help relieve this or perhaps prevent it altogether.

  2. CBD promotes energy and mood. Like caffeine, CBD bolsters our energy and heightens our mood, so essentially you'll be doubling up on the good feels if you add CBD to your morning drink.

  3. Antioxidants abound. Like I mentioned above, this is just more of the same. You're adding benefits to more benefits by wombo-combo'ing the two.

Let's not jump too far ahead or to any conclusions quite yet, though.

One account focuses on a five-day experiment of adding cbd to coffee. The author, Melissa Malamut, reported that it's not something she would do everyday -- and in fact says that each person varies and should find a happy medium with how much CBD is consumed with coffee, and just how often.

I would certainly agree with this. While CBD does have it's benefits, it's definitely important to remember that everyone is different and some things in life must be used in moderation.

But perhaps this is just one fun trend that may work daily for some, but for others is a treat every now and again.

Test things out for yourself. See what works for you. Personally, I see myself drinking CBD coffee once or twice a week, but not everyday. Let us know how things go for you!

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AUTHOR: Joe Ciolino

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